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A seasonally-curated selection of the top quality knitted fabrics, locally-produced to meet the highest specifications in servicing the international fashion retail industry.

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With our fully in-house production facilities, based in Cape Town, we offer an extensive range of fabric knits and blends with responsive turn around times.

We stock a variety of fabric qualities (gsm) and colours at competitive prices for your desired customer set.

All our fabrics are premium, pre-washed and independently quality rated. Additionally we are able to make up and custom dye fabric to specific colorways at your request*. *This applies to a minimum order of 200m and up.

We can also work with customer supplied fabrics/elements.

Sample Swatches

Knitted Fabrics


We have refined a set of custom created patterns across top selling garments categories for you bring your brand to life without delaying your big launch to create and test patterns from scratch.

We can make alterations to give your range unique elements, and also guide you right through the full process of building new patterns, to meet your exact specifications for your new collection with our consultancy services.

custom pattern collection

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